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At IRB Infra, human assets are most precious and of utmost importance, as they are demonstrating their whole hearted commitments in performing their entrusted duties and responsibilities in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic environment and hence required to maintain sound health and high morale.

IRB Infra is committed to take utmost care of its human assets across all locations and expresses sincere concern on their safety and health.

For this, in addition to the strict and scrupulous following of the SMS (Sanitizing, Masks & Social Distancing) Protocols coupled with thermal checks, the ambulance is provided with the Oxygen Cylinder as well as training is provided to the employees at plant locations to administer the Oxygen for needy employees as well as other external needy persons, like travelers.

At IRB we recognize that the human life is most precious and keeping it in mind in one incidence on our Goa – Kundapura Highway project, the local Team IRB Infra promptly responded to the needy female patient and administered Oxygen supply and took her to the nearest hospital for the further treatment. It is really a matter of pride for us.

Also, as a part of COVID-19 Care for employees, IRB Infra has created an “Employees’ COVID Relief Fund” to get relief from the excessive hospitalization and medical expenses over and above their Insurance Coverage.