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We, at IRB, believe in making meaningful and lasting contributions to the societies in which we operate.

Being engaged in the development of infrastructure projects, we realized that the foundations are the bedrock upon which all the future progress will be made.

Hence, the Group value and ardently promotes activities which contribute in building strong foundations of the society in which we operate.
The Group has robust CSR Policy in place, so as to enable Group to initiate various activities in the field of promoting education, healthcare, gender equality, measures for the benefits of the armed forces, etc.

The prime focus area, initially chosen as a backbone and strong foundation for any development, is ensuring Right To Education to the underprivileged sections of society.

  • IRB Primary School, Village Maalion Ka Jhopra, District, Tonk, Rajasthan

  • Pre-Primary To Class VIII

  • Free Education including Uniforms and Books/Notebooks

  • Number of Students

    Total Students – 313

    Girl Students – 160

    Boy Students – 153

  • Remarkable achievement in bringing Girl Child to the school; thus creating a new trail in encouraging girl child’s education and up-lifting