Vadodara – Kim (Padra-Vadodara) Expressway (Phase-IA Package-I) Project

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On May 9, 2018, the NHAI and VEPL (VK1 Expressway Private Limited) (a Concessionaire), an SPV of IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd., entered into a Concession Agreement to construct the Padra – Vadodara section of Vadodara-Kim Expressway Project. The concession period of the Project is 17 years from the Appointed Date (2 years of construction and 15 years of operation from COD). This is first Hybrid annuity project of the company.

The Concessionaire shall receive semiannual annuity from the NHAI during this operation period and shall also receive Operation & Maintenance payment for the maintenance of the project highway. 40% of the Project cost would be funded by NHAI during the construction period.

VEPL was entrusted to construct an eight lane 23.74 Km section of Expressway between Vadodara and Kim in Gujarat on a Hybrid Annuity Mode (HAM) basis.

The Padra – Vadodara Project comprises the section of Vadodara Kim Expressway from km 355.00 to km 378.740 (Phase-IA Package-I).

The Project Features

Corridor Description

Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway is proposed eight lane expressway in India.

The proposed Main Expressway passes through the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Union territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. The total length of the proposed expressway is about 379 km and runs generally parallel to the existing NH-8.

The Package I of the Expressway starts from Km 355+000 and ends at Km 378.740 (Km 80 of NE-1) near Vadodara. It passes through Vadodara district in the state of Gujarat

The alignment of this package passes mainly through plain cultivated and barren areas. These districts are rich in industrial production. There are many industrial estates and factories in these states both in public and private sectors. Textiles, chemical, petroleum and petro-chemical, paper & pulp, diamond, are located in state of Gujarat.

The Mumbai–Ahmedabad Corridor in the western part of the country is one of the important and densest transport corridors of the country which connects financial capital Mumbai to Ahmedabad business city of Gujarat.

Progress Updates

  • Tieing Wall Steel @ 358+130KM BOX CULVERT
  • Sub-grade laying work in Progress near 365+000KM
  • Top Slab Concreting @ 357+984 KM PUP
  • Raft Concreting @ 372+904 KM MNB
  • Pile Concreting @ 364+650 Fly Over
  • Bed Preparation for PCC Laying @ 358+331 Box Culvert
  • Tieing of Slab Steel @ 357+984 KM BHS PUP
  • Excavation in Progress for Embankment top layer @ 375+370 LHS
  • Toe Wall Excavation in progress 377+070 KM to 377+150 KM
  • Preparation of Sub Grade Top Layer @ 365+380 KM to 365+900 KM
  • Level & FDD Testing in progress at 366+050 KM to 366+300 KM- S.G Top
  • Preparation of Embankment Layer @ KM 355+350 to KM 355+450 LHS
  • Rolling work in Progress for Embankment Layer @ 356+850 to 357+000KM RHS
  • Completed PUP ( Slab) at Ch 357+984
  • Concreting at Top Slab of CUP @ Ch 365+195 LHS is in Progress
  • Curing over Box Culvert raft at Ch 357+310 BHS
  • Pipe Laying work at Ch 356+750
  • Rolling in Progress for SG TOP at Ch 374+700 to 375+050 RHS
  • Embankment work in Progress
  • Pilling work in Progress at Ch. 361+034 KM
  • Sub-grade Laying in Progress near Ch. 372+000KM
  • Sub-grade laying in Progress near Ch. 365+380KM
  • Pilling work in Progress
  • 365+195 PUP Steel Reinforcement Placing
  • 356+850 to 357+000 LHS
  • 356+850 to 357+000 LHS EMB 5th Layer Grading
  • Embankment 3rd Layer FDDT LHS @ Ch 362+750 to 363+000
  • Casting and Curing of RE Panel at Camp 01
  • Embankment 13th Layer is in Progress at Ch - 368+740 to 368+780 LHS
  • Embankment Layer is in Progress at Ch 368+780 to 368+900 LHS
  • Watering is in progress for Embankment 17 th Layer at Ch -369+300 to 369+350 RHS
  • High Tension Line raised at Ch- 360+866
  • Embankment 15 th layer is in progress at Ch - 368+780 to 368+900
  • Test Pile Casting at Chainege 373+608
  • SG Top Grading is in progress at Ch 372+440 to 372+640
  • SG Top is in Progress at Ch - 372+440 to 372+640
  • Embankment Layer work is in progress at Ch - 357+700 RHS.
  • Box Culvert Raft Foundation at Ch 358+331
  • Compaction of SG 2nd Layer is in Progress at Ch374+700 to 375+050 LHS
  • Slab Casting at PUP Chainage 365+195 LHS
  • Concrete Pouring at Pier P-01 of Pile 8 @ MJB 365+976 LHS
  • Pile Load Test on MJB at Ch - 365+976
  • Case Lowering for working Pile No 8 of Pier P2 at MJB Ch 365+976
  • Concreting of Slab at Box Culvert BHS CH 375+151
  • RE Panel Casting Work is in Progress at Camp No - 2
  • SG Top at Ch 366+650 to 366+850 RHS
  • SG TOP Level Checking at ch 366+650 to 366+850 RHS
  • SG Top rolling is in progress at ch 366+650 to 366+850 RHS
  • Watering for Embankment 4th Layer is in progress at Ch - 355+000 to 355+100
  • Case lowering for working Pile P2 at MJB Ch 362+350
  • Tying of wall steel and making of curing compound at Box Culvert Ch 363+230
  • Embankment top at Km 369
  • Field Density Test at Embankment Top Layer is in Progress at km 369