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We develop the world class highways infrastructure for India that ensures consistent delivery of better value for end users, neighboring communities, the nation and all stakeholders of the Company, above all. From concept to construction to commissioning to tolling and from operations to maintenance, all activities are performed by in-house expertise.

We are integrated BOT (Build, Operate & Transfer), TOT (Toll, Operate & Transfer) and HAM (Hybrid Annuity Model) highways infrastructure developers, carrying out EPC as well as O & M activities for our clients.

Excellent project execution skills for timely delivery of projects have earned lots of kudos for us to be India’s leading private player in highways infrastructure development space.

At present, our project portfolio comprises around 12,500 Lane Kms under BOT, TOT and HAM space through parent Company as well as the Public InvIT and Private InvIT.


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Hybrid Annuity Model


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