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Financial YearDate of ReleaseHeadlinePDF
2020-2105-07-2020Information to Shareholders w.r.t TDS on Dividend Payment during the Financials Year 2020-21Download
 05-07-2020Form No. 15G – Word FileDownload
 05-07-2020Form No. 15G – PDF FileDownload
 05-07-2020Form No. 15H – Word FileDownload
 05-07-2020Form No. 15H – PDF FileDownload
 05-07-2020Form No. 10F – Word FileDownload
 05-07-2020Form No. 10F – PDF FileDownload
 05-07-2020Declaration for Non-Residents – Word FileDownload
 05-07-2020Declaration for Non-Residents – PDF FileDownload